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Scott McLean

Scott McLean

Owner and Financial Advisor

Since 1983, I have had the honor of being the proud owner of a thriving financial firm. I hold the key honor of guiding my clients toward achieving their financial goals and securing a prosperous retirement.

One of my core beliefs is that knowledge is power, and I am dedicated to empowering both my clients and my staff. I invest in the education and development of my team, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary skills to provide exceptional support and reliable advice to our valued clients. Through this commitment, I foster a dedicated and cohesive team that shares my passion for comprehensive financial care.

Along my journey, the more I delved into the world of finance, the clearer it became that countless individuals were sailing blindly through their financial journey. Ignorance about money matters left them vulnerable to unforeseen pitfalls, setting the stage for potential financial disaster and a disastrous retirement. 

Motivated by this revelation, I embarked on a mission to empower and educate. This journey led me to pen the book "Three Blind Mice: How the Financial Planning Process Leads Your Money to a Mouse Trap”. Throughout my book, I aim to shine a light on the hidden intricacies of finance, excessive fees, and costs to equip readers with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions and navigate the financial landscape with confidence.

I love what I do because it's not just about financial planning – it's about life planning. And that's what I find most enthralling. It is a privilege to guide you through a journey that is as warm and personal as it is financially sound.

As a husband and a father to five wonderful children, I'm also involved in my real estate endeavors. Alongside my family, I find immense joy in owning and operating the NewView Equestrian Center in Southampton, NJ. We're actively involved in competitive jumping events throughout the United States.

While my youthful days were filled with a passion for boating and competing in water skiing competitions these cherished pastimes still hold a special place in my heart today.

My Credentials:

Florida Jr College, Music

Ocean County College, AS 

Nyack College
Life and Health License

Series 65 Certification