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At McLean Advisory Group, we solve the common problem of financial advisors working in silos without coordinating strategies. Lack of communication between investment advisors, CPAs, and estate attorneys often leads to overlooked opportunities and unintended consequences.

We break down the common silos between financial, legal, and tax planning. Our philosophy is that comprehensive retirement planning goes beyond investments to include legal and tax considerations. We take a holistic approach focused on education and implementing plans for a stress-free retirement.

Central to our process is a seamless collaboration between experts in each field. Our specialty is bringing together financial planners, estate attorneys, and CPAs to craft customized strategies. This allows us to pave the way for your retirement by minimizing taxes, establishing trusts and beneficiaries, and developing aligned investment plans.



Our financial advisors work closely with your tax and legal teams to develop an investment strategy aligned with your overall financial goals. We avoid the common pitfall of investment plans made in isolation that fail to account for tax and estate consequences.


Our tax preparers collaborate with your financial advisor and estate attorney to minimize taxes and maximize deductions. We avoid missed opportunities and surprises that occur when tax planning happens in a vacuum without considering your investments and wealth transfer plans.



Our estate attorneys work hand-in-hand with your financial advisor and tax preparer to draft wills, trusts, and other documents that align with your investment strategy and tax minimization goals. We avoid conflicts and unintended outcomes that result when estate plans are crafted independently, without coordinating across your financial picture.

We believe this integrated method is key to truly customized strategies tailored to your unique retirement goals and needs.