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As the tax laws change every year, it can be difficult to know whether you have looked at all the deductions and credits that are entitled to you. Simple tax softwares just don't work anymore, especially when it comes to retirement and taxes. At McLean Advisory Group, we strive to provide accuracy and high level customer service for our clients. At our firm, you'll speak with a tax professional directly and make sure you are getting the most out of your tax return.

Just follow the steps listed below and completing your taxes is easy and stress-free. Click here to watch this video for a detailed breakdown of the what to expect and tips to help ensure a smooth process this tax season.

Steps to Tax Prep Success

1. Prepare <br/>&#38; Organize<br/><br/>

1. Prepare
& Organize

Gather your tax documents and complete this checklist on what information is needed to help maximize your return.

2. Send, Upload or Drop Off Your Documents

2. Send, Upload or Drop Off Your Documents

You can send us your document by mail, email, secure document uploader or drop off at our office or convenient drop box. Please let us know it's on its way so we can confirm receipt.

3. Sign<br/>&#38; File<br/><br/>

3. Sign
& File

We will contact you to discuss your return, answer any questions and arrange for signatures and filing preference.

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